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We have dozens of created mobile games on our account, so we know how they should be to impress the player and stand out among hundreds of analogues. See what we can offer you.

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Embracing mobile gaming app development on most popular platforms and reaching the attention of players with a wide variety of preferences is one of our main features.

  • Android

    We design, develop, test and launch the most addicting Android games with a potential reach of up to 2 billion players worldwide.

  • iOS

    Our iOS mobile games offer exciting game mechanics, responsive UI features and stunning design tailored to the needs of the client.

  • Cross-Platform

    Erase the platform constraints and engage us to create a cross-platform masterpiece using the most relevant technologies.

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We focus on providing Android game development services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for long. Our Android game developers have extensive experience enabling us to help global gaming companies with their popular titles.

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Our team knows everything about game mechanics, design and gameplay of mobile games of all genres most loved by players. We're not just developing a game: we're bringing a successful product to the stage that truly engages the players.

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Our Fundamental Benefits in Mobile Game Development

Our mobile game development agency approaches each project with technical meticulousness and artistic vision that allows us to clearly follow the wishes of the client, while adhering to the best industry standards and implementing advanced practices to achieve the best result.

The Team for Developing Your Ideal Mobile Game

  • Unity Developers

    Mobile games and the Unity engine are best friends, so we have gathered the best Unity specialists to create mobile games of various complexity and genres. Our Unity developers can easily cope with both a simple but addictive casual project and a large-scale action-adventure game with an open world. We form our team according to the complexity of the project and always do our best to exceed the client's expectations.

  • Game Designers

    The balanced game design, harmoniously combining the visual component and technical features, forms the overall look of the mobile game. Therefore, game designers of our mobile game app development company carefully work out the smallest details: storylines, character history, level structure, missions and quests. This allows them to create the most engaging gameplay in line with the genre and platform requirements.

  • Art Director

    Our experienced art director has all the stylistic and genre knowledge of the most important visual aspects of mobile games. Thanks to this, he clearly defines the desired game style in accordance with the client's requirements and communicates with artists in order to convey the idea to them as best as possible and implement a mobile game that the target audience will definitely like.

  • Artists

    Creating a product that will be a real eye-catcher is the main task that artists face. In accordance with the chosen concept, they need to work out every visual detail of the future mobile game. Their wealth of skills and vast experience give them the ability to combine different winning techniques to create an authentic and engaging product.

  • Team Lead

    The team leader is the person who monitors the correctness of work performed by each department and monitors progress in accordance with the established deadline. Thanks to his vigilant control, timely adjustments and deep knowledge in the technical and artistic direction, the project progresses very quickly, and all edits are implemented almost instantly.

  • Project Manager

    The work of a qualified project manager is the life-giving and driving force behind the development of any mobile game. The PM takes over all the functions of creating a strategy, a plan and effective team management, while at the same time remaining the main link between the client and the team. It is the project manager who is always in touch with the client and is ready to answer any question and provide instant feedback on any aspect of the work.




Mobile game development is a sophisticated process that includes various steps like ideation of storylines, settings, and characters, production, realization, and monetization. For developing a mobile game, programmers should consider such factors as the number of features and platforms a product will be launched on. Besides, mobile games range from simple to complex.

The first category has understandable gameplay and easy-to-use instructions for players. Actually, casual games belong to this type. The second group contains advanced technologies like AR (Augmented Reality) or VR (Virtual Reality) and 3D graphics. What are the other elements to be taken into account for mobile game developers? Gameplay and narrative stories are influential features as well.

There are game genres that exist in mobile game development as detective, simulation, survival, strategy, sport, educational, and many others. Once the genre is decided, game designers start to improve characters, visualization, animations, textures, style, lightning, etc. Also, developers collaborate with artists and animators who help them craft heroes, environments, settings, and other objects used in the mobile game process. Each game app development company has its own approach to creating mobile games.


The game app development has 3 main stages. So, let’s explain them in detail below.

  1. Pre-Production. It’s the initial step of mobile game development that contains conceptualization and documentation. The game idea is a key start of this process because it determines what characters should be involved in gameplay and which setting has to be chosen in this case. After that, a team of designers begins to develop a storyline, draft documentation, and prepare prototypes.
  2. Production. This stage includes rendering, designing settings and characters, and tracking the progress of game development. Prototyping and programming are included as well. Developers prototype objects to see how the game will look like and what changes are necessary for its improvement. The development procedure includes writing code and creating in-game content like sounds, dialogues, and other elements.
  3. Post-Production. It’s a final stage of mobile game development that refers to support and updates of the released product. When testing is completed, game programmers start to estimate the potential risks and prepare a preventive plan for their elimination. The other tactic of post-production is collecting customer feedback that helps developers improve the game.


Finding mobile game developers is time-consuming for HR recruiters and business owners. It’s essential to check the hard and soft skills of the candidate with whom you want to cooperate. How can you do that? The first thing that comes to mind is a portfolio of game projects that might help you assess potential employee’s qualifications.

The second step that you need to consider is interviewing. During this process, HR managers estimate not only the candidate’s soft skills but also their professional experience. When you’ve finished with all these mentioned stages, you should start a post-hiring process. It contains onboard training and a career plan. So, let’s explain what it means for your organization in detail. On-board training intends to inform newcomers about corporate rules and culture.

Also, it eases the process of being acquainted with team members giving them a better understanding of the organization and its functionality. A career plan is a concise guide to the professional development of employees in the company. Altogether, these two elements help provide fast adaptation to the new work environment and move to successful business development in the industry.


Mobile game development outsourcing is beneficial for you when you want to save money and have a high-quality game product in the market. The offshore mobile game development company located in another country is a good choice in this situation. There are several reasons that lie behind it: simple access to advanced technology, professional expertise, and transparent management processes are the key advantages that you should bear in mind for choosing the right mobile game development outsourcing company for you. MU SOSTWARE LTD mobile game development studio has the offshore model of business with the center in Los Angeles.

Other than that, our mobile game development company has a delivery office in the capital of Ukraine Kyiv. You can outsource game development services to us, and our game developers will gladly assist you in any queries that you may have about your project. If you are the owner of the mobile game development company from the USA, European, or Middle East regions, you can contact us and rely on our qualified help. Mobile game development outsourcing is an optimal solution for your mobile game business because it increases your profits and opens up new opportunities in the global market. Thus, your decision about selecting this model must be advantageous for you in terms of cheap cost and top-notch quality.

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